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Clickbank University 2.0 Sign Up

How to make money on Internet for Beginners.

During the era of Pandemics , working at home is a no brainer.  There are 5 ways to make money.

a. Build a Niche Blog (or Website) and Use Affiliate Marketing
b. Start an eCommerce Site and Sell Physical Products
c. Start Online Coaching and Sell Your Advice
d. Launch a YouTube Channel to Entertain and Educate
e. Join a Remote Company Part-Time (or Full-Time)

The first choice is the easiest and cost the least. You do not need any money or capital upfront.  You will sell services or digital products via affiliate program.  One of the biggest affiliate service is Clickbank. They have their own university to teach you how to make money online. 

clickbank university review 2020
Clickbank University Review

What make Clickbank stand out is the company is one of the biggest affiliate marketing online with over 3.5 Billion in payout. So how exactly Clickbank benefits you ?

Clickbank University Sign Up
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Clickbank will show you how to create digital content such as ebooks and then uses it platform to market your products. Imagine, thousands of internet marketer promoting your site with thousands of link. In no time at all, your sale will skyrocket.

This is different from using Google Ads. With Google ads, you paid for the traffic. But there is no guarantee your product will sell. With Clickbank, your promoter will get an amount if there is a sale, and none if there is no sale.

 Now it offered for only $7 module.

If you try to do on your own, there is very little chance you will succeed. You need guidance not criticism, not to mention tools and platform. All will be provided to you be Clickbank.

There is a very slim chance you can make money online. Unless you have help and guidance. Internet is so full scammers, get rich schemes and hackers. Falling for one of the tricks mean you will lose valuable capital needed for a legitimate online business.

With thousands if not ten of thousands of self proclaim gurus out there, claiming they can help you earn hundreds of thousands per month, how do you decide which is legit or fake ?

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ClickBank is the oldest and biggest affiliate program in the internet. It has over 3.5 billion in payouts. It has created 1000,s of millionaires and over 100,000 clients and advertisers.

When it comes to helping you build your online business, whom do you trust?This is not a trick question. Just watch this, how you can build a funnel in just a few hours. A very complex money making machine complete with opt in.

Because until ClickBank University, despite the seemingly endless procession of gurus out there, there was no single reputable source for making money through affiliate program.

That’s why they decided to create their own. So you’d have the very best information. Information that’s dependable, reliable and trustworthy.

Without help and knowledge, you cannot built funnel, opt in. webinars, marketing, creating affiliate program and all other tools to succeed. You will have serious difficulty to succeed.


99% of all dropshippers fail. They rely on Chinese sellers to ship directly to their customers. Most of the time it took more than 14 days for items to arrived. Many impatience customers demand refunds and chargebacks. This is especially true with low quality Chinese products. And when your chargebacks rate is over 1%, your card processor like Paypal will freeze the funds, causing you to lose a large sum of money.

With AFFILIATE MARKETING, your capital is low, you do not keep any stocks, you do not have to create any content and most importantly you can work anytime and anywhere.

AFFILIATE MARKETING IS THE WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Click here for full comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Course by Clickbank.

What other methods are the there to make money ?

  1. Sell things. You need to get traffic and fork out money to buy stock.
  2. Dropshiping.  Same as above. Many people do not realize that payment provider such as PAYPAL will froze your money for 3 weeks until your buyer got the item. Most try to dropship from China, which take days if not weeks to arrive and many buyer file chargeback or to return items, and this cause problems because it is from China.
  3. Youtube. You need to be talented and gain a lot of audience.
  4. Digital service such as building websites.

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Clickbank University 2.0 Sign Up.

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